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ZipTorrent was a BitTorrent client written entirely using C++ with the intention of being small and fast. The last known version,, was released in 2005, and development seems to have stopped.

Main features[edit | edit source]

  • Built-in RSS Reader, with the ability to track many concurrent feeds
  • Built-in IRC Client, with the ability to connect to many networks at once, and the ability to send each other torrent files via DCC, or via direct links (URL's) to torrents.
  • Automatic content catcher - Enter your desired keywords, your undesired keywords, and ZipTorrent will automatically fish for such content on RSS and on IRC channels, and automatically download that content for you.
  • Torrent Archive "wakes up" dormant torrents when your computer is not used

3rd Party Software used[edit | edit source]

MediaDefender "ZipTorrent"[edit | edit source]

In 2007 MediaDefender Inc. created a modification of the popular bittorrent client Azureus, taking over the name "ZipTorrent"[1]. This modification is in no way associated with the original ZipTorrent standalone client. The MediaDefender Ziptorrent is designed to simulate (spoof) other clients and hinder Bittorrent traffic. It is not likely that anyone other than MediaDefender Inc. uses this client.

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