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WikkaWiki (often shortened as Wikka) is a free, lightweight, and standards-compliant wiki engine. Written in PHP, it uses MySQL to store pages. WikkaWiki is a fork of Wakka Wiki to which a number of new features have been added. It is designed for speed, fine-grained access control, extensibility, and security. Released under the GNU General Public License.

History[edit | edit source]

In 2003, the development of Wakka Wiki came abruptly to an end although a large community of users and contributors was still posting bugfixes, extensions, and new functions. First released in May 2004 by Jason Tourtelotte, WikkaWiki rapidly grew into a project aiming to remain faithful to Wakka's heritage of a lightweight engine with readable and accessible code. WikkaWiki has recently seen a substantial increase in development activity[1] thanks to its team of developers and community of contributors.

Wikka vision[edit | edit source]

Compared to heavier wiki engines, which integrate several built-in functions, WikkaWiki's goal is to keep its core as small as possible while developing an architecture that supports easy extensibility through plugin modules. The latest version was released on June 24, 2008.[2] This release is a maintenance release that introduces no new functionality, but addresses several minor issues including PHP5 compatibility.

Wikka features[edit | edit source]

Among the distinctive features of this wiki engine:

  • Support for different types of embedded elements:
  • Administration modules to manage pages and users, including tools for bulk operations like user removal or page reversion.
  • Advanced syntax highlighting using GeSHi:
    • support for 68 markup/programming languages
    • easily customizable output
    • line numbering
    • clickable markup pointers to official documentation
    • on-the-fly downloading of embedded code blocks
  • Several page-related features, including full revision control, comments, categories, text searching, page cloning, advanced referrer management, file uploading/downloading interface, and a GUI page editor.
  • RSS feeds for recent modifications and page revisions (with autodiscovery)
  • WikiPing client functionality, allowing page changes to be broadcast and tracked on a remote WikiPing server
  • SmartTitle function, generating human- and search-engine-friendly page titles.
  • A web-based wizard to install the package and to upgrade from WakkaWiki.
  • A large repository of user-contributed plugins.

Development[edit | edit source]

Forthcoming releases may include:

  • Enhanced configurability (e.g., user selectable/editable skins and menus).
  • Dynamically-generated API documentation.
  • API for syndicating content from remote wikis.
  • Google Maps support.

Documentation[edit | edit source]

A dedicated server [3] provides extensive documentation and tutorials, targeted at different categories of users, from the end user to the developer.

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