Template:Unreferenced TrustyFiles is a closed source Microsoft Windows-based peer-to-peer client which connects to the Gnutella, Gnutella2, FastTrack, eDonkey, Overnet and BitTorrent network protocols.

It is notable for the claims against it that it has stolen code from the open source Gnucleus, giFT, and avilib projects, which was discovered by disassembling the program, and the response was rapid release of another version with the offending code still remaining, however it was obscured by compressing the executable.

TrustyFiles then claimed that it was developing and would release an open source Linux version, however this has still not happened.

TrustyFiles offers a free version of their software which does not include Harmful IP Block, Updates, Removal of TrustyFiles advertisers, Technical Support and no enhanced performance, unlike their commercial version which costs $29. TrustyFiles also claims to be the only peer-to-peer client that can download a file simultaneously from both BitTorrent and the other P2P networks to which it is connected. However, Shareaza and LimeWire also have this feature.

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