Template:Infobox Software Tribler is a file sharing client for Internet TV.

Specifically, Tribler is an open source Peer-to-Peer client with various features for watching videos online. It supports standard features such as key word searching for content and segmented downloading. It is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X, but as it's using the Python programming language it is possible to run on any Python supported platform. For the user interface it uses wxPython.

The name Tribler stems from the word Tribe, referring to the usage of social networks in this P2P client. The first version of Tribler was a small enhancement on the ABC (Yet Another BitTorrent Client), leaked out on the web on February 26 2006.[1]

The latest version 4.1 in the Tribler evolution has just been made public by the Harvard University development team at http://tv.seas.harvard.edu/.

Features[edit | edit source]

Tribler adds keyword search ability to the BitTorrent file download protocol using a gossip protocol, somewhat similar to the eXeem network which was shut down in 2005. The software includes the ability to recommend content. After a dozen downloads the Tribler software can roughly estimate the download taste of the user and recommends content.[2] This feature is based on collaborative filtering, also featured on websites such as Last.fm and Amazon.com. Another feature of Tribler is a limited form of social networking and donation of upload capacity. Tribler includes the ability to mark specific users as online friends. Such friends can be used to increase the download speed of files by using their upload capacity.[3] Due to these features Tribler differs from other popular BitTorrent clients such as Azureus and uTorrent.

Development[edit | edit source]

Tribler created by university researchers which are trying to improve Peer-to-Peer technology.[4] Tribler is designed to enhance BitTorrent by removing the need for central elements such as the websites for finding content. The aim is to increase performance, reliability, and scalability.

Uses[edit | edit source]

The European Union's P2P Next project to develop an internet television distribution standard will build on Tribler technology under development at the Delft University of Technology.[5]

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