Template:Infobox Software Torrent Swapper is an open source (MIT License) BitTorrent client. Their sourceforge home page states:

Lightweight python based 4th. generation bittorrent client with social networking, recommendation, tag-based navigation, moderation, and real-time streaming based on the Tribler BitTorrent client (www.tribler.org).

Torrent Swapper is written in python, making it platform independent. It is also available as an executable for Microsoft Windows. The program is used to download files using Peer-To-Peer technology, in this case using the Bittorrent protocol. Torrent Swapper is comparable to Azureus, which is Java-based, but boasts some unique features like Amazon-like recommendations to get interesting files, doubling the download speed by using the upload capacity of friends, real-time P2P file sharing with P2P video streaming, and showing the locations of seeders / leechers of the same content with city-level accuracy on a world map.

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