StrategyWiki is a wiki-based website that hosts computer and video game walkthroughs and strategy guides licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It has a "one game, one guide" rule under which all users contribute to one unified guide rather than each author working on a separate guide for each game as on websites such as GameFAQs. This is intended to promote traditional wiki collaboration and also reduce the maintenance limitations of individual guides.[1]

Traditionally, video game walkthroughs are created as plain text files with no formatting or embellishments other than visual tricks such as ASCII art. In recent years, this format has been increasingly criticized for having not evolved along with advances in web design and web content accessibility.[2] By using MediaWiki, StrategyWiki guides are able to utilize features such as rich text, tables and in-line images, things which are difficult or impossible to replicate in plain text.

Involvement with Wikimedia[edit | edit source]

On April 22, 2006, Wikimedia Foundation chairman Jimmy Wales stated that videogame walkthroughs should not be hosted on Wikibooks[3][4], saying that video game walkthroughs were not the subject of educational courses and so were a violation of Wikibooks' charter. As a result of this announcement StrategyWiki used the transwiki process to copy over these disallowed works.[5]

Partnership with DoubleJump Books[edit | edit source]

On March 18, 2008, StrategyWiki entered into a partnership with strategy guide publisher DoubleJump Books for a mutual cross-promotion. The site has been advertised in DoubleJump's print guide for the PlayStation 2 RPG Mana Khemia and has subsequently become DoubleJump's official wiki.[6]

Similar sites[edit | edit source]

Since StrategyWiki's founding, IGN has started the IGN Vault Wiki, but only for computer role-playing games and MMORPGs. also operates a wiki called MyCheats, but neither of these wikis have their content available under a copyleft license. Wikia has a collection of game-related wikis, some of which feature walkthrough material.

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