Template:Expand Template:Wikify Proteopedia, is a collaborative, 3D wiki encyclopedia of proteins and other molecules.

Proteopedia is a wiki that contains a page for every entry in the Protein Data Bank (>50,000 pages), as well as pages that are more descriptive of protein structures in general, e.g. Template:Proteopedia, Template:Proteopedia and Template:Proteopedia, with a Jmol view that highlights functional sites and ligands. It offers an easy-to-use scene-authoring tool so you don't have to learn Jmol script language to create customized molecular scenes. Custom scenes are easily attached to "green links" in descriptive text that display those scenes in Jmol.

A web browser is all that is needed to access the site and the 3D information, i.e. there are no downloadable viewers required to install and run.

All user-added content is free and covered by the GNU Free Documentation License.

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