Pichat (pitʃæt) is a chat software and a protocol for information exchange in a peer-to-peer network. A Pichat application typically is client and server at once and can serve a variety of protocols and formats (such as text and XML). It is primarily used for text chat and as a community chat system.

The Pichat protocol was designed with the idea of supporting both intelligent and simple clients. Expect that most work is performed on a chat server, with less logic required on client side. A simple client can directly display the received data stream without need for elaborate parsing.[1] The default port of a chat server is 9009/TCP.[2]

The reference implementation of Pichat has a built-in webchat and TELNET support. It also has an integrated web server which can be used for file transfer. There is a SDK (for Linux und Windows) to extend the chat with plugins.

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Pichat software supports the following features:[3]

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