Template:Infobox Software PhpWiki is wiki software written in PHP. The first version, by Steve Wainstead, was in December 1999 and was the first Wiki written in PHP to be publicly released.

The first version ran under PHP 3.x and ran on DBM files only. It was a feature-for-feature reimplementation of the original WikiWikiWeb at c2.com.

In early 2000 Arno Hollosi contributed a second database library to run PhpWiki on MySQL; from then on the features and contributions started to pile up, including a templating system, color diffs, rewrites of the rendering engine and much more. Arno was interested in running a wiki for the game Go. http://senseis.xmp.net/?GoWiki

Jeff Dairiki was the next major contributor, and soon headed the project for the next couple of years. His interest was in Hammond Organs, and he ran a wiki for Hammonds: http://www.dairiki.org/HammondWiki/

Reini Urban, Carsten Klapp, and Joel Uckerman are the primary developers today and PhpWiki is still maintained and developed.

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