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OpenLink Data Spaces (ODS) is a Distributed Collaborative Web Application Platform, Social Network and Content Management System written using VSP, VSPX, JSP, and Ajax, atop OpenLink Virtuoso. It incorporates a broad range of industry standards for data access and data management.

OpenLink Data Spaces is a Web 3.0 application because it:

  • exposes Linked Data across all its application realms
  • uses semantic web and service oriented architecture
  • uses open technologies and identity
  • has cloud computing capability
  • exposing meaningful data using social contexts

What are Data Spaces?[edit | edit source]


This shows the relationship between a Personal Identity, its Data Space and the various kinds of Objects

A Data Space system is a multi-model data management system that manages data sourced from a variety of local or external sources. These sources may actually take the form of database management systems for a specific data model (relational, graph, tree etc.). The ODS Data Space platform identifies each unit of data via HTTP based Object Identifiers (URIs) which enables it's data to mesh naturally with the emerging Giant Global Graph or Linked Data Web.

ODS is released as free software under the GNU General Public License.

Platform Requirements[edit | edit source]

OpenLink Data Space Functionality[edit | edit source]

ODS is an implementation of a Data Space platform that is based on the Virtuoso Universal Server, and follows the following philosophies:

  • Data is in an Object Oriented form
  • Every data object has a URIs which acts as an Object identifier
  • All data within the internal data graph is internally and externally linkable due to compliance with Linked Data Web best practices
  • All data is portable across other systems due to support of DataPortability standards and best practices.

ODS implements Data Spaces by providing:

The philosophies and implementations above, facilitate the development and deployment of, modern and open, distributed solutions that leverage Web architecture.

OpenLink Data Space Installations[edit | edit source]

There are a few options for using OpenLink Data Spaces:

  • Download, install and configure on any server using Virtuoso
  • Use an OpenLink hosting service
  • Installation available on Amazon EC2
  • Use the OpenLink online hosted service: Myopenlink.net

Technologies of OpenLink Data Spaces[edit | edit source]

Many standards and technologies have been implemented in ODS, including:

Component Applications[edit | edit source]

ODS-Framework[edit | edit source]

An OpenID- and Yadis-compliant Framework for building Distributed Collaborative Applications that are equipped with Single-Sign-On (SSO) functionality and auto-generated RDF Data Spaces

ODS-Weblog[edit | edit source]

A comprehensive blogging platform supporting all the major publishing protocols (Atom, Moveable Type, Meta Weblog, and Blogger) and includes automatic generation of content-syndication gems in RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, Atom, SIOC, OPML, OCS, and other formats

ODS-Briefcase[edit | edit source]

A WebDAV-based Unified Storage Solution that incorporates automated extraction and management of metadata, delivering many semantic features similar to WinFS and Mac OS X's Spotlight system.

ODS-Feed-Manager[edit | edit source]

An RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, Atom, OPML, and OCS Feed Aggregator

ODS-Wiki[edit | edit source]

A Wiki Platform supporting the Atom Publishing Protocol, Twiki, Mediawiki (Wikimedia), and Creole markup dialects

ODS-Mail[edit | edit source]

A Web-based Email Client

ODS-Calendar[edit | edit source]

A Calendar manager

ODS-Bookmark-Manager[edit | edit source]

A Shared Bookmark Manager

ODS-Gallery[edit | edit source]

Photo & General Image Sharing

ODS-Polls[edit | edit source]

Polls Manager

ODS-Addressbook[edit | edit source]

An Addressbook Manager

ODS-Discussion[edit | edit source]

Conversation / Discussion Management that also provides Conversation/Comment/Discussion management services to all of the ODS-* applications

ODS-Community[edit | edit source]

Group/Community Mode service for all of the ODS-* applications

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