Template:Notability Template:Infobox Software MP3-Xtreme is a peer-to-peer file sharing client which supports the Gnutella, eDonkey Network, BitTorrent, FTP and HTTP network protocols and handles magnet links, and ed2k links. It is available in 6 languages and in both free and paid versions.

Features[edit | edit source]

Multi-network[edit | edit source]

MP3-Xtreme is able to connect to Gnutella, eDonkey and BitTorrent. It can download a file from several networks at the same time. This is possible because the client hashes its files for all networks, and then distributes the hash values on G2. When another p2p client finds the file, it obtains the knowledge of the hash values for all networks and will search on the networks with the same hash values.[1]

Modes[edit | edit source]

MP3-Xtreme has three different GUI user modes. The first one is for normal users. This is the default mode and provides a clean GUI interface. Users cannot change advanced configuration settings in this mode, but are able to make use of all essential functions, like searching and downloading. The second mode is for power users. It provides more access to network and advanced settings. The third mode is the windowed mode. In this mode, users can see different tabs at the same moment, providing more control.

Filters[edit | edit source]

MP3-Xtreme contains an IP and keyword filter. MP3-Xtreme also includes a pornography filter. The filter allows users to add user-defined keywords and IP addresses.

Skins[edit | edit source]

MP3-Xtreme can have parts of the GUI skinned. This includes icons and menu bars, allowing MP3-Xtreme to be completely changed with images, colors and new buttons.

Plugins[edit | edit source]

MP3-Xtreme supports a framework for additional plugins. The MP3-Xtreme installer ships with several plugins. Most of them are used to read metadata from the files being hashed and convert it to an external XML based format.

Limitations[edit | edit source]

MP3-Xtreme limits queries to 3 - 80 characters.

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