Template:Infobox Software Template:Portal KCeasy is a Windows peer-to-peer filesharing application which uses giFT as its 'back-end' foundation. KCeasy is free and open source software, released under the GNU General Public License. It currently supports the filesharing networks OpenFT, Gnutella, and Ares Galaxy.

Originally, KCeasy included the giFT-FastTrack plugin, to connect to the network used by Kazaa and Kazaa Lite. In April 2004, Kazaa copyright holders Sharman Networks threatened legal action against Markus Kern, the German author of KCeasy. Even though Kern maintains that reverse engineering of protocols for interoperability is legal under German law, he removed the giFT-FastTrack plug-in in KCeasy version 0.12 (released 17 April 2004) to avoid a legal fight. The plug-in is still developed and available from a third-party website. Upgrading from previous versions of the software will not remove the giFT-FastTrack plug-in.

A new Ares plugin for giFT was launched early March 2006 that supports the new Ares protocol for better connection. This new plugin is included by default in the latest version of KCeasy (0.18 released).

The latest version, KCeasy 0.19-rc1, was released on 03-02-2008. The author of the software indicated that he is unlikely to develop it further.

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