Template:Lowercase Template:Otheruses4 Template:Infobox Software giFT Internet File Transfer (giFT) is a computer software daemon that allows several file sharing protocols to be used with a simple client having a graphical user interface (GUI). The client dynamically loads plugins implementing the protocols, as they are required. The protocols are:

The clients communicate with the giFT process using a lightweight network protocol; the protocol code is completely abstracted from the user interface. There are already several giFT GUI front-ends for Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, and Unix-like operating systems.

The name giFT is a recursive acronym.

giFT is written using relatively cross-platform C code.

giFT currently lacks unicode support included, and it is impossible to share files with characters such as "ø","ä", "å", "é", "è", "ó", "ö", "ù", "ü" in their names.

OpenFT protocol[edit | edit source]

giFT's sibling project is OpenFT, a peer-to-peer file sharing network protocol that has 'search' nodes and 'index' supernodes in addition to common nodes. According to the giFT documentation:

Search nodes handle search requests. They search the filelists their CHILD (common) nodes submitted to them. These nodes must have a capable Internet connection and at least 128M RAM. A modern processor is highly recommended as well.


INDEX nodes keep lists of available search nodes, collect statistics, and try to maintain the structure of the network.

giFT front-ends[edit | edit source]

Name Platform
Epicea Microsoft Windows
giFTcurs Unix-like; officially supported UI
Apollon Unix-like/KDE
FilePipe Microsoft Windows
giFToxic Unix-like/GTK
giFTui [1] Unix-like/GTK
giFTwin32 [2] Microsoft Windows
KCeasy Microsoft Windows
Poisoned Mac OS X
giFTMui [3] AmigaOS
Xfactor Mac OS X

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