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GetRight is a shareware download manager, developed by Headlight Software.

It is able to pause and resume downloads, download from multiple servers to speed up download time ("segmented downloading"), scheduling the starting and stopping of downloads and shutting off the computer or disconnecting the modem when the downloads have finished. It is also able to integrate with Microsoft's Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox with the FlashGot extension. It features support for the BitTorrent protocol, Metalink, and PodCast support, along with built-in verification MD5 and SHA-1 checksums.

Releases[edit | edit source]

Version 6 is available in two license modes: Standard and Pro. "Standard" is the continuation of previous versions, while "Pro" contains new features like: upload capability, using scripts for programming its tasks, a simple web server (called "Web Access"), ability to act as a proxy server or work in a Client/Server mode when using two or more computers in a network.

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