Encyclopedia Dramatica (sometimes styled as Encyclopædia Dramatica) is a parody of Internet encyclopedias such as Wikipedia,[2][3] written on a wiki,[4][5] using the MediaWiki engine. It uses apparently comprehensive referencing and linking, but is written in an irreverent, obtuse, intentionally politically incorrect,[6] and often abusive style.[7] Many articles are written in an ironic manner to upset those who take the content seriously (writing in a manner that is known on the Internet as trolling).[8] The site claims that it is "[d]one in the spirit of Ambrose Bierce's The Devil's Dictionary".[1]

The content is wide-ranging, covering gossip and "drama" in other Internet forums, Internet subculture, users of web services,[2] and online catchphrases, in a manner that has been variously described as coarse, offensive and frequently obscene.[6][9][10][11] Articles at Encyclopedia Dramatica criticize MySpace[11] as well as Wikipedia and its administrators.[2]

The site received mainstream media attention after Jason Fortuny used Encyclopedia Dramatica to post photographs, e-mails, and phone numbers from one hundred and seventy-six responses to a Craigslist advertisement he posted in 2006 posing as a woman seeking sexual encounters with dominant men.[4][5]

Encyclopedia Dramatica has been cited as a reference on Internet culture by print media publications The Observer[12] and the New Statesman,[13] as well as prominent weblogs such as AlterNet,[14] Language Log,[15] and the Gothamist network.[16] It is frequently cited as an authority on imageboard (such as 4chan) slang, culture and Internet memes by on-line magazines, most notably the Wired[8] periodical.[7][17] The website has served as a "virtual" Thing for Anonymous to visit[6] and learn new words, or memes, from.[18] Evidence suggests that Anonymous now uses Encyclopedia Dramatica as a planning hub for the majority of its strategic management operations.[19]


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