Template:Unreferenced Template:Infobox Software Deluge is a BitTorrent client, created using Python and GTK+ (through PyGTK). Deluge is currently usable on POSIX-compliant operating systems. It is intended to bring a native, full-featured client to GTK desktop environments such as GNOME and Xfce. An official Windows port is also in development. The program uses the libtorrent C++ library. Up through the 0.4 branch, this was done through the python-libtorrent bindings for Python. In 0.5, the python-libtorrent bindings were merged into the main client as the deluge_core extension. In future releases, it is likely the official Python bindings for libtorrent will be used.

Deluge was created by two members of ubuntuforums.org, Zach Tibbitts and Alon Zakai, and was previously being maintained and hosted at Google Code, but has now moved to their own website, deluge-torrent.org.

While under early development, Deluge was known as gTorrent, because it was to be a BitTorrent client for GNOME (the "g" in "gTorrent" stood for "GNOME"). When the very first version was released to the public on September 25, 2006, the client was renamed to Deluge to avoid implying that the client was GNOME-only.

The 0.5 release, which is stable as of March 18, 2007, is a complete rewrite from the 0.4.x code branch. This was to do away with some of the coding conventions in the earlier versions, aiming for a cleaner, more polished result. The second release in the 0.5.x branch,, added support for encryption, peer exchange, binary prefix and UPnP.

At about the time of the 0.5.1 release, the two original developers effectively left the project leaving Marcos 'markybob' Pintos and Andrew 'andar' Resch to continue development on their own. They have been the main developers on the project ever since with Resch primarily working on the upcoming 0.6 branch.

Recently, work has been done to bring Deluge to other operating systems. Starting with version, Deluge is available for Mac OS X via MacPorts and has an official Windows installer.

Version was reverted back to due to a bug that caused Deluge to crash for some users.

Version was released after the bug, skipping a patched version of

Deluge is notable for its resistance to comcast sandvining at the start of its adoption without a change in code, while clients like Azureus (Vuze) and uTorrent had to borrow the method implemented by deluge. As of now, the method no longer is effective against sandvining.

General features[edit | edit source]


  • Torrent creation built into main client
  • Plugins implemented as modules

Deluge supports the following network features:

In addition, Deluge has the following features available:

  • Able to download multiple files in a single window
  • Full preallocation and compact allocation
  • Global and per-torrent speed limits
  • Ability to select files from a torrent before beginning the download
  • Option to prioritize the first and last pieces of a file, in order to allow for media previews
  • Ability to specify global download directory, and a completed download directory
  • Queuing system to better manage bandwidth between downloads
  • Ability to stop uploading a torrent once it has reached a specified ratio
  • Ability to minimize to the system tray, and optionally password protect the tray

Deluge supports a rich plugin system, and several plugins are included with Deluge, including:

  • Blocklist Importer
  • Desired Ratio
  • Extrastats
  • Locations
  • Network Activity Graph
  • Network Health Monitor
  • RSS Broadcatcher
  • Torrent Creator
  • Torrent Notification
  • Torrent Search

Release History[edit | edit source]


Colour Meaning
Red Old release; not supported
Yellow Old release; still supported
Green Current release
Blue Future release
Major Version Minor Version Bug-fix Version Release Date Significant Changes
0.3 0.3.0 ? ?
0.4 0.4.0 ? ?
0.5 0.5.1 2007-06-11 Peer exchange, encryption, UPnP + NATPMP, Improved user interface, Redesigned preferences dialogue, Proper startup and shutdown
0.5.2 2007-07-05 ?
0.5.3 2007-07-25 ?
0.5.4 2007-08-06 Features Added, Bug Fixes, Update-Checker Added 2007-08-10 Features Added, Bug Fixes
0.5.5 2007-09-09 Multiple Bug Fixes, New Features ? ?
0.5.6 2007-10-24 Bug Fixes, updated libtorrent database, private flag added to torrent creation 2007-10-28 Hang and handler fix 2007-10-31 Bug Fixes and change of default settings ? ? ? ?
0.5.7 2007-11-26 Replaced SimpleRSS with FlexRSS, added more features and various changes to UI 2007-12-01 Fixed full hd warning to prevent multiple occurrences, crash and corruption of persistent.state, and increased tracker timeout 2007-12-22 Added Key bindings, UI bugs, misc bugs, windows character incompatibility, implementation of search features, internal browser 2007-12-25 Additional Key Bindings, fixed browser toolbar, advanced webui template now default, plug-ins more efficient, prioritizes local peers.
0.5.8 2007-12-29 Bug fixes 2008-01-18 Changed windows theme, browser removed, performance changes, search made a plug-in, fast-resume changed 2008-01-24 ? 2008-01-28 ? 2008-02-14 Bug Fixes 2008-02-29 Bug fixes 2008-03-11 Bug fixes 2008-03-26 Bug fixes 2008-04-09 Broken Version, Retracted Release 2008-04-14 Fix segfault, Change fast resume to use is_finished, LT - Fix private flag LT - Verify url before connection to web seed.
0.5.9 2008-04-30 Fixed ratio, opening folders/files on windows, and moved packages to use Python 2.5 2008-05-19 Fixed order, folder, advanced bar, and invalid torrent bugs. 2008-06-19 Fixed text unicode, scrap bug, partition transferring, memory, reconnect, and selective downloading issues. 2008-06-22 Fixed icon/missing entry in menus.
0.6 0.6.0 0.6.0 ? Complete rewrite/available on nightly builds


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