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Data Spaces are containers for domain specific portable data, which is provided in human and/or machine friendly structures. Data in a Data Space can be referenced by an identifier, and is linked with other data across spaces and domains.

The Data Space Philosophy

A Data Space is a container for domain specific data. This data can be viewed in an Object Oriented fashion, which each object relating to other objects including the data space itself.[1].

The Data Space Philosophy is quite new, however it brings together ideas and technologies from various sources:

Data Space Philosophy can be applied to both Web based systems and Desktop based systems.

Data Spaces and Linked Data

Data in Data Spaces are linked across spaces and domains to enhance the meaning of internal data, this supports the work of the Linked Data project which is part of the Semantic Web effort. This has the benefit of being a useful point for querying about information across domains, and assists the development of a Web of Data.

Data Spaces and the Portability of Data

A Data Space should be fully supportive of data portability such as that advocated by the DataPortability project. This means that an object in a data space should be movable and should also have the ability to be referenced using an identifier such as a Uniform Resource Identifier.

A List of Data Space Implementations

A List of Common useful technologies for Data Space Implementation


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