Template:Infobox Software Clearspace is an enterprise-class collaboration application produced by Jive Software. It integrates organizational intelligence with the functionality of the latest content creation tools including discussion forums, blogs, wikis, IM chat and VOIP under one unified user interface. Clearspace is designed to provide teams, companies, and communities with a productive way to work together, eliminating redundant conversations, meetings, emails, and ideas. From a user perspective, input is fairly format-agnostic as collaborative content placed into any system (blog, wiki, documentation, etc) can later be retrieved through use of a common search interface. Other features include RSS capability, email integration, a reputation and reward system for participation, and personal user profiles.

Features[edit | edit source]

Clearspace is fully customizable allowing for drag-n-drop configurable views, content filtering, user profiles, and plug-ins for YouTube, Flickr, and Facebook.[1]
Wiki-style documents allow for content collaboration and user comments and ratings. Allows for secure sharing of external documents with outside partners, contractors or customers.[2]
Social Networks 
Clearspace 2.0 allows users to view a detailed profile of co-workers and provides a list of their activities, including blog posts or wiki edits.

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