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Anatomic P2P is a decentralised peer-to-peer network based on the BitTorrent protocol. All software that forms a part of Anatomic P2P is licensed under the GNU General Public License. Anatomic P2P consists of various scripts and applications, including the tracker (or node) script, supertracker (or supernode) script, planter applications and the client. All the scripts are written in PHP but nevertheless would function in any other language. All the applications are written in Python. It is also open source.

File Distribution[edit | edit source]

To distribute files on the network a user makes a torrent file as usual. This torrent file has to be planted on the network, which is the process of notifying the supernodes and nodes (by HTTP) that the file is going to be shared on the network. This can be done through a simple wizard. The Anatomic P2P network has backwards compatibility, which allows most other BitTorrent clients to use Anatomic P2P planted torrents.

Client[edit | edit source]

The client is written in Python and PyGTK and this means it can run on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X (with X server). The client was based on BitTornado. A deprecated command-line client is also available. The client supports torrents using a single tracker or torrents planted on the Anatomic P2P Network.

Network[edit | edit source]

The anatomic uses a series of data sharing nodes and supernodes (also known as supertrackers) to share files. Nodes on the Anatomic P2P network are modified BitTorrent trackers written in PHP. The supernodes contain an index of the torrents that are being shared on the nodes. The nodes are able to share user data in a process called peer-sharing. Therefore the network is decentralised since there is no central point in the network.

Status[edit | edit source]

There have been no new posts on the Anatomic homepage since October 2005. There is no forum there. There is a forum on Anatomic's Berlios project page. http://developer.berlios.de/projects/anatomic/ But there has been no activity there since February 2005.

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